Cheer Bear image


Cheer Bear

Makes up cheers right on the spot for encouragement or to help solve a problem. Spreading happiness is as evident in her constant smile, so cheer up and stay happy with Cheer Bear.

Funshine Bear image


Funshine Bear

Nothing makes him happier than hanging with friends, or going on adventures. Staying sunny, optimistic and being fearless. Shine and enjoy all the fun with Funshine Bear.

Grumpy Bear image


Grumpy Bear

He’s not that bad, he’s someone who cares a lot! He's great at connecting with you, especially when in a bad mood, he reminds you of being loved by many.

Harmony Bear image


Harmony Bear

A talented performer who can link everyone and encourages them through music. Enjoy the peace, harmony, and beautiful music with this purple coloured bear with colourful petals flower badge.

Share Bear image


Share Bear

Share is her name, and sharing is her game! Share Bear is a nurturing and generous bear who considers everyone her friend. Carefree and loving, Share is happiest when she's giving.

Tenderheart Bear image


Tenderheart Bear

Is very wise, grandfatherly bear whose heart is always in the right place. Whether it's advice or understanding, he knows just what a child needs to help them share their feelings.